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Apollo and the Rockets w/ Sleepwell Citizen at Black Lab Gallery

March 3 @ 7:00 pm - 12:00 am

WHO – Apollo and the Rockets w/ friends Sleepwell Citizen

WHERE – Black Lab Gallery on HEWITT and WETMORE

WHEN – Doors Open at 7pm : Show Starts at 8PM : Ends at 12AM



There’s too much god damn talent in this town of ours!!! We need more play space!!! Things are changing rapidly. If we could get an innovative performance venue, we would be set…

Well, fear not my friends! All of your prayers have been answered!

Our artistic insomniac, Isabella Valencia, has found another brick and mortar location to release our pent-up creative heads! A performance venue designed to shake our booty and stay blown away by the incredible and diverse amount of talent oozing out of our anti-fashioned city streets.

The Rockitt!!! Located at 1807 Hewitt Ave.

But note, it will open faster with all of your trust and support.

And we all trust and support the Isabella movement!!! If not… you don’t know!!!

Apollo and the Rockets (formerly Lunchroom Kids) are so on board with this new Everett experience, they are already planning on how to say Goodbye and Hello! Goodbye to the Lunchroom Kids and Hello to Apollo and the Rockets. Same lineup, new name, continuously doing their diligence to make you shake your ass off through dance and soul!

The legendary Sleepwell Citizens have sadly announced that this will be one of if not the last show we’ll see from them in a long time, but gratefully, they welcome and support this movement of artistic, mountain shifting art attitude to come from The Rockitt.

Apollo and the Rockets are releasing a brand new EP and Sleepwell Citiizen is playing new material !!!

And for all you Skumbags… the crusty clothing company is giving away more s*** for you to wear! By buying the raffle, you might save enough money to make parole and still wear a clean shirt!

Late Night Productions will be recording and live-stream and broadcasting the event. So you can show your friends watching Netflix that Saturday they are not living their lives appropriately!

Dada Fructose will hypnotize your eyes and blow your ears out because… well… they are the best sound and light show in this town!

and just when you think you have had enough…

Shokunin Media will be archiving the whole night to provide you footage within 48 hours after the show. So you can remember that night spent participating in the greatest movement the Pacific Northwest has seen in over 25 years.

Yeah – Nobody else is doing this …

Be part of the CBGB’s of the west coast. Bring this movement to success the way the local talent see’s it too. This night is going to be another chapter in the future of VH-1 specials.